What we stand for

Our corporate culture is based on three core values: entrepreneurship, excellence and empathy. We feel committed to these values. They shape our way of working as a management and entrepreneurial consultancy company, the cooperation with our
customers and our corporate culture.


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From the owner and CEO

Daniel O. Zimmermann | Headline Ltd. | Switzerland

Expertise in: management & business consulting, multi family office services.

Headline Ltd. | your partner since 1969 | management & business consulting

We are client focused and client solution-driven

Our aim is to service our national and international clients and to deliver best in class management & business consultancy. Headline Ltd. is a purely owned Swiss Company which offers a long expertise in:

A company that does not have strategic development goals and specific plans to achieve them is doomed to follow current events with very vague prospects for the future.

For me, when starting a business, the most important thing is the team and the belief that we are all doing one common thing.

Why is it important to work on brand positioning? First of all, it affects the recognition of your products and the objections of the audience. Plus, proper brand positioning gives you the wiggle room to justify pricing.